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BlueOrganizer FireFox Extension  v.3.2

Blueorganizer Firefox Extension enables you to organize and share your favorite products including books, music, movies, gadgets, electronics and more. It integrates into the Firefox toolbar and allows you to add new items with a single click.

FM Scene Firefox-Extension  v.6.0.4

FM Scene Firefox-Extension is a Firefox addon that can help soccer fans. FM Scene Firefox-Extension was created for all FIFA MANAGER fans. All the fan sites just a click away - FM Scene makes it possible!

Advertisement  v.1.4.13 is a Firefox extension aimed at bringing you and closer together. adds a new toolbar to Firefox, from which you can start stations quickly and easily. Listen to music related to your favorite artists,

Zotero  v.3.0.7

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy to use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. Manage and cite your browser related research sources. Zotero is an easy to use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage,

Kitsune  v.0.1.5

Kitsune is a Firefox extension, a Firefox Japanese Input Method Editor, enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME. In addition,

NoScript for Mac OS X  v.

The NoScript Firefox extension provides extra protection for Firefox, Flock, Seamonkey and other mozilla-based browsers: this free, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java and Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of you

AniWeather for Firefox  v.0.8.35

AniWeather is a Firefox extension that will display weather information for user-defined locations around the world.

Ookong for Firefox  v.3.0

Ookong for Firefox is a Firefox extension designed for tracking Amazon deals, provide price history chart, to track price changes and issue deal alerts. Supports Amazon, Borders, Barns & Noble, .etc Ookong for Firefox Features: 1. Click Ookong icon

ScrapBook for Firefox  v.1.5.4

ScrapBook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and manage the collection. Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support. Major features are: Save Web page Save snippet of Web page Save Web site (In-depth

Awesome Screenshot for Firefox  v.2.3.2

Awesome Screenshot is a Firefox. extension, can capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info,

Gmail Manager for Firefox  v.

Gmail Manager is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage multiple gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications.Gmail Manager will display account details that include unread messages, spam messages, saved drafts, labels with new mail,

SearchStatus for Firefox  v.1.36

SearchStatus is a Firefox extension that displays the Alexa Rank and Google PageRank of the current page in the status bar. In addition, the software also include convenient features like WHOIS information, keyword density analysis,

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